Ever wished you could be as cool as the ice you’re drinking? Now you can. Drop a Plink in your drink for ice with an edge. It’s happy in its snappy packaging, and doesn’t run away at room temperature. Plink just lies back and chills till it’s time to work.

At first we just wanted to make ice-cubes that are cleaner and safer for everyone, but with smart design, it has become a fun way to reduce energy and space. Why? Because Plink saves.

We save water, trees and The Queen, so why not ice? It usually takes an incredible amount of energy to make, transport and store our frozen friends, but with Plink you’ve got a guilt-free way to get what you need before your unused ice melts into a puddle. Now you only use the amount you need.


Have you ever had an icy drink but thought, “This could use a little something?” Plink is that something! Whether it’s our classic great-tasting original ice-cubes or our cool new flavours each will give your glass some extra freshness that makes you hear a ‘Plink!’ and go “…ah”.

Plink is a way of life. Ice is a 200-year-old industry and Plink is its evolution. It’s smarter ice that works for you.The individual capsules make it easy to transport and store at room temperature.

At Plink labs, we discovered 45ml was the perfect amount of ice to chill one ‘airline serve’ (125-150ml cup) but not too much that it dilutes it. That’s why a single serve of Plink equals three capsules at 15mls each, so you’re always perfectly chilled. For a standard drink (250-300ml) just use two single serves of Plink, and so on. The pyramid shape lets you stack Plink to save space and insulate, so each Plink can huddle close to its neighbour to stay cool.

We’ve done everything we can to minimise the amount of packaging, and the recyclable capsules are 100% virgin APET*. Your cool new friends are a 100% Singaporean brand, too. More than just a cool addition to your drink, flavoured Plink is the main ingredient. The star! Our three flavours will give your beverage a cool new twist.

*APET is easily recycled and processed back into useful products.


For an icy chilled drink on the go – grab a cup – enough ice and enough space for a can or bottle of your favourite refreshment.

A couple of drinks with friends? Enjoy the taste of Plink in this easy and affordable two-tray pack.

Heading out for a few drinks? Enough Plink to mix with your drinks and your friends’ with this six-tray pack.

Each tray of Plink smart ice contains 15 ice-cubes, each is 15ml.

Plink can be bought frozen or unfrozen, its hassle-free, high-quality and a tray can usually be frozen in less than two hours.

Our innovative new flavoured cubes offer enough flavour to be part of the drink rather than being the drink, Plink up your favourite drink and enjoy a new taste dynamic.


Look out for Plink in your local convenience store, service station, super market or home-delivery grocery service.

When you get Plink, make sure its frozen before you use it, to be truthful, the cubes are only cubes if they are frozen!






Follow the instructions above!

If you don’t find it – please help us out and ask your favourite store to stock it. Better still tell us where you want it and email us at info@plink-ice.com or tweet us at plink_ice and we’ll send you a two-tray ice slab free to trial (applies to Singapore only at present).

Look out for Plink in your local convenience store, service station, super market or home-delivery grocery service.

Plink makes drinks better. Try mixing flavours with your favourite beverages. Have Some fun!

Remember! Plink only goes ‘Plink!’ If you put it in your glass first,
if you don’t it’ll go ‘plonk’, and that sounds like something else.

what ice became

Who’d have thought ice cubes could be this easy?


Richard Hall

Richard Hall, Founder, Plink

Richard is the man who looked at the ice in his glass and thought, “We can make this cooler”.

The Kiwi businessman has made it his goal to change the perception of ice from a mundane addition to a beverage, to an inspiring ingredient. Richard wanted to bring this cool new concept to Singaporeans first.

After more than 25 years in senior roles and start-ups in the travel and tourism industry, Richard found himself setting up home in the idyllic islands of Tahiti for a while. Upon his return to New Zealand, he established Plink’s forerunner, the Pure New Zealand Ice Company.

Tuck Lee

Tuck Lee Ice

Our friends at Tuck Lee Ice in Singapore and Malaysia help us distribute Plink. Despite the catchy name, did you know Tuck Lee isn’t a person? The name is derived from the auspicious Chinese name “De Li”, which means to “benefit from integrity”. It’s this attitude that has allowed this family business to thrive for the past four generations.

When the Tuck Lee ice factory swung open its doors in 1935, the first and only product was opaque ice blocks, crushed for seafood ice beds in areas like Boat Quay and nearly every hawker cart. Since then, the biggest innovation was moving from block ice to food grade, bagged ice in 1995.

Today, father and son Hauw Wee and Jeremy Hauw manage the factory that produces over 20 ice products including block ice, packaged ice, ice cubes, ice balls for whiskey and clear ice cubes for bartenders, and they still make crushed ice beds for hawkers.

The partnership with Plink in 2015 is the next big modern evolution for Singapore’s ice legacy.

Contact us at info@plink-ice.com

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