10 Ways To Stay Cool Over Chinese New Year

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1. Catch a film. A Singaporean movie theatre is like Helsinki on a cool summer evening.

greens-with cucumber, tomatoes

2. Cue the cucumber. Place slices of ice cool cucumbers over your eyes and listen to Demi Lovato’s “Cool for the Summer”.


3. Lift your shirt (just halfway, no further!). Just like a supermodel. Or that uncle over there on Eng Hoon Street. The stomach is always working to digest your food, so keep it cool and ventilated. Just make sure your crush isn’t in the neighbourhood.


4. Homemade aircon. Place a metal bowl full of Plink in front of the fan and turn it on. The chill from the ice will blow cool air instead of circulating the hot dank air in the room. Since you’re not consuming Plink, you can keep its plastic clothing on and re-use it for later.

burger with fries

5. Skip the oily food. Heavy, greasy food makes your body work harder to burn off the calories, thus making you hotter. A salad full of fruit and veggies for dinner is easier on your metabolism.


6. Be shady. Okay so maybe you’ll look like an auntie on the way to the wet market, but shade can really cool you down. The elderly are the best at keeping cool, so follow their lead by popping your umbrella and owning your portable shade.


7. Plan your routes. Walk through the underpass, beneath the rain trees, and hit the shade whenever you’re heading anywhere outdoors.


8. Cool whip. For a quick sudden chill, keep your moisturiser, tiger balm or Vicks vapour rub in the freezer and apply it to the overheated parts of your body.

tomatoes on plate

9. Freeze fruit. For a healthier alternative to ice lollies, freeze your strawberries and blueberries for a chilled snack.

Red hot peppers on the table

10. Eat chili. Eating spicy food cools you down by making you sweat. Think about it, Singapore is so hot but serves so much chili!