5 Easy Ways to Save The World

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Did you know that just by using Plink, you’re wasting less water and plastic? There’s tons of dead easy ways to save the planet, here are just a couple of things the Plink team does to be mindful of the environment.


1. Shaking it off. You know how you brace yourself once the dog gets out of the bath? He’s got the right idea. Shake shake it off like Taylor Swift. Just by shaking off your hands before pulling down a paper towel or using an electric drying, you’re reducing the amount of energy it takes to dry off. Plus, we’re in Singapore, what’s a couple seconds of wet hand going to do to you.

a bowl of salad with bread slice

2. Veg out. No we don’t mean just Netflix and Chill. According to a fascinating consumption study by Meat Atlas (yes there IS a Meat Atlas), Asia’s consumption of meat is rising. Think about all the energy that goes into rearing our cows, chickens and pigs, then processing, packaging, and cooking. Compared to most Asian cities, Singapore has many options for vegetarian restaurants and salad bars.

laptop, ipad and coffe on bed with orange blanket

3. Power down. As our devices become an extension of ourselves, they need to take a break too. Turn off your computer at night, and put your phone on airplane mode to save energy and to recharge yourself. Not only due blue lights keep you awake and make it harder to sleep, there’s no reason why your computer should be on.


4. Cut the junk. We don’t mean the fries, but well you could probably cut that too. It’s 2015, unless you’re over the age of 60 (sorry auntie), there’s no reason you should be getting bills in mail. Millions of trees get cut down every year in South East Asia  and books, newspapers, and notebooks have moved online, why not our bills?

man carrying brown backpack

5. BYOB. Unlike most other first world cities, Singapore has yet to charge for the plastic bag. Moreover, it’s not uncommon for service staff to give you a bag, within a bag within a bag. This “Inception” of plastic bags is costing the environment and all we have to do is say “no need plastic” to the cashier. Cloth bags are light, portable, and sometimes stylish. Bring them to the grocery store or for errands, and save our landfills.

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