6 recipes for delicious summer coolers

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Your prayers were heard and here are Plink’s answers to your beef with the Singapore summer heat! Now skip the rosé and beat the heat with one of these thirst quenchers… (more…)

What causes brain freeze?

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Brain freeze is practically a rite of summer. It happens when you eat ice cream or gulp something ice cold too quickly. The scientific term is sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia, but that’s a mouthful. Brain freeze is your body’s way of putting on the brakes, telling you to slow down and take it easy. – Dwayne Godwin, Ph.D., neuroscientist at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

5 super cool ice festivals from all around the world

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From where we stand on the equator, ice festivals may seem like a dream straight out of the movie, Frozen. But alas, they do exist all around the world and here are the top five on our list at Plink! Now imagine, a fairytale ice castle built out of Plink’s peach-flavoured ice. How aromatic and tasty would that be! (more…)

10 things you didn’t know about ice!

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We all know ice. We see it, and even use it every single day! But how much do you really know about ice?

Here are some of the fun facts that we at Plink have dug up from all corners of the internet for your amusement and entertainment. Enjoy! (more…)

The most Singaporean way to chill

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Singaporean’s chill like no other humans on the planet. When you build a global financial hub on a warm little tropical island, it’s hard to sweat over the small stuff. The constant need to chill makes us just a little bit cooler. So what’s your most Singaporean way to chill? (more…)

10 ways to break the ice and make a good impression!

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Singapore is a social city. There are networking events, meetups, parties, and barbeques filled with interesting people you haven’t met yet. So how do you say something to fill the air when words haven’t been exchanged? (more…)

5 Easy Ways to Save The World

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Did you know that just by using Plink, you’re wasting less water and plastic? There’s tons of dead easy ways to save the planet, here are just a couple of things the Plink team does to be mindful of the environment. (more…)

DIY Milo Ice Cream

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Unless you’re a butcher, the freezer isn’t the roomiest place for storage. With Plink you’ll be able to keep your extra ice at room temperature and put that space and energy to better use, like making ice cream. We have an easy 3-step recipe and the freezer is your essential tool! This dessert is inspired by Singapore’s most delicious way to cool down. (more…)

The Future of Cool is Here!

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Aaaand we have officially launched!


We would love to thank all our guests and friends from the media for coming to our launch party – a whopping 45 of you guys! And of course, Chef Tim Ross-Watson for curating the six-course degustation menu, inspired by Proof & Co. delicious cocktails, each prepared with the fascinating element of Plink’s flavoured ice. (more…)

How To Behave Around Ice

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Ice is water, but the latter gets so much more respect than our frozen friends. Both friend and

foe, when mistreated they can turn on us. So what gives? Here are our five rules of ice


1. No touchy. You wouldn’t dip your hands in water before serving it to someone, so why

would you use your hands to pick up ice? Always use a scoop. (more…)