10 Ways To Stay Cool Over Chinese New Year

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1. Catch a film. A Singaporean movie theatre is like Helsinki on a cool summer evening. (more…)

Welcome to #NoChill Wednesdays

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Welcome to #nochill Wednesdays where we ask you to tweet to us @plink_ice your favourite #nochill moments on Twitter. Everyone has good days and bad days, not everyone can be chill all the time. That’s why we have a cool, dry place called the internet to store all the greatest #nochill moments.

1. “Anyway thank you”

2. The most famous girl in the world has #nochill yet still manages to look cool.


Get The Tuck Out Of Here

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Tuck Lee

Plink caught up with Singapore’s Kings of Cool, Jeremy Hauw and Hauw Wee from Tuck Lee Ice. The General Manager and Group Managing Director of the historic ice company let us ask them ridiculous ice-related questions until they pretty much told us to get the Tuck out of here (well, get out of their office).

Do you know the difference between rapper Ice T and Ice Cube?

JH: I only know Mr T from the A Team.

How would you sell ice to an “Eskimo”?

HW: You tell the Eskimo*, ‘Hey, if you put your own ice in a glass of brandy it’s not going to be nice. The snow eats up all the dust and bacteria. Our ice is pure.’ Now, tell me how to sell a comb to a monk.

*The word Eskimo may refer to some members of indigenous people in Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and parts of Siberia but not all indigenous people in those regions.

Hey woah no I ask the questions. What gives you the chills?

JH: When fork and knife meets plate. It chills for like five seconds *shudder*. (more…)

Welcome to The Plink Times

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Welcome! This blog is our happy place. We lean against this wall and we chill, share funny stories, pictures, recipes, contests, and give tips on how to stay cool. See, the art of cool is more than just sipping on your ice kopi and putting on a pair of Warby Parkers.

It’s a state of mind, you’ve got to…


Now that we’ve broken the ice, feel free to tell us how you stay cool at @plinkice.