How To Behave Around Ice

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Ice is water, but the latter gets so much more respect than our frozen friends. Both friend and

foe, when mistreated they can turn on us. So what gives? Here are our five rules of ice


1. No touchy. You wouldn’t dip your hands in water before serving it to someone, so why

would you use your hands to pick up ice? Always use a scoop.

2. The scoop. The scoop shouldn’t go back into the bag! Keep it in a separate bowl.

Imagine all the hands that contaminate a bag of ice during a party.

3. No glasses. You’re at risk of chipping your glass in the ice, always use the scoop

instead of your glass to pick up ice.

4. Be a bowler. Like humans after a certain age, bagged ice is not good at keeping its

figure. If you’re serving ice at a BBQ or somewhere else hot (read: anywhere in

Singapore), pour it into a steel bowl to prevent it from melting too fast and leaking out.

5. Revive. Just because Austin Powers was cryogenically frozen and came out in one

piece, doesn’t mean you can keep your ice as long as possible. Unless it’s Plink and

comes sealed, refresh your naked ice cubes every month.