The most Singaporean way to chill

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Singaporean’s chill like no other humans on the planet. When you build a global financial hub on a warm little tropical island, it’s hard to sweat over the small stuff. The constant need to chill makes us just a little bit cooler. So what’s your most Singaporean way to chill?

Our sidewalks are so clean it’s tempting to just pass out on the spot for a quick snooze. Do you eat chilli crab wearing sunglasses because you’re just that chill? We asked some of Plink’s closest friends to instagram their most Singaporean way to chill at #PlinkChillSG.

Music festivals in Singapore #Laneway #singapore #festivalfashion #lanewaysingapore #airportfashion #plinkchillsg

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Chilling out at music festivals on the weekend.

My 98 year old #grandma and a bottle of #vino equals a party you wish you were invited to #plinkchillsg

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How about a glass of vino on a night in?

Or simply chilling on a boat on Sunday evening!

Show us your favourite way to chill and don’t forget to tag us at @plink_ice!